Toribia Tullis was successfully managing multiple accounts for ViaMedia Corp. Panacea Media Corp (PMC) was born when ViaMedia left the Dallas market and Toribia realized her unique talent of consistently delivering extraordinary television advertising results for her clients.

With more than 20 years of marketing and media experience, Toribia excels through partnering with the client’s business, working closely on the plans and the execution to bring the vision to life.

Through her extensive experience, Toribia has had the unique opportunity to work on a variety of marketing and media projects, encompassing a wide-range of categories. This well-rounded expertise has allowed her to work on extremely complex marketing issues during a variety of market cycles. Through the highs and lows of the economy, PMC understands the most effective way to navigate the challenges and issues.

As an agency specializing in television services, PMC is not locked into an existing talent pool. Having the ability to work from a large resource of talent enables PMC to match the creative and marketing plan to the client and the client’s budget, thus indeed making Panacea Media Corporation –

                                                                                              “The Cure-all For All Your Media Needs”.


Our mission is to thoroughly and ethically fulfill all obligations expected of us from our clients and strive to exceed those expectations. Through our partnerships, we aim to utilize our customer’s marketing budgets to achieve maximum results via open communication and transparency, allowing the customer to focus on day to day business.


The foundation of the Panacea Media Corporation was built on partnerships and we carry this philosophy into every business relationship.

A partnership is defined as a strategic alliance or relationship between two or more people. Successful partnerships are based on trust, transparency, the sharing of expertise, mutual understanding, shared ideas and shared obligations.

Partners are often necessary when working in foreign territory, not only to bridge barriers, but also to help perform the work more efficiently and more effectively.

As a business owner, this efficiency allows you to work on your business rather than in your business, giving you the unbridled opportunity to effectively take your business to the highest level.


panacea-toribia_newToribia Tullis
Managing Partner
– Experience in cable, broadcast and marketing in Dallas/Fort Worth with AT&T/Time Warner, Comcast, rep firms, and broadcast stations.

panacea-gilbert1 Gilbert Alonzo
– Experience in general sales, marketing, and business management.  Gilbert will be in charge of marketing and day to day business operations.


During calendar year 2014, Panacea Media Corporation expects to receive certification as a minority-owned small business.


Toribia Tullis is a sales-oriented account executive with over 20 years of specialized experience in the advertising sales and media industry. Toribia is dedicated to achieving sales targets and account management while providing the highest standards of quality and service. She has a superior record of surpassing expectations, including sales and budget revenue.

Toribia Tullis started her media sales career in February of 1992 at KETK-TV, channel 56, which was the NBC television affiliate serving the East Texas viewing area owned by Communications Corporation of America (ComCorp of Tyler).

A short year later Toribia moved to the much larger Dallas market to work at KATZ Continental Television where she successfully managed an annual sales budget of between $6 – 7 million. Toribia was accountable for national advertising sales on behalf of 165 affiliated television stations across the United States selling commercial time on behalf of local television stations to advertisers outside of the local market.

After a five and a half year stint at KATZ, Toribia was offered an opportunity to join NCC which a year later opened the door for her at one of Dallas’ largest markets, AT&T/Time Warner/Comcast Media Services, where she spent over six years and received numerous achievement awards. In 2007 Toribia joined the sales staff at KFWD-TV for a year before joining ViaMedia, LLC, who was the representative for Verizon FIOS Cable TV in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.