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Why a Cable Media Specialist?

Because Cable Television Advertising is Very Complicated:

It takes years of experience to understand the complexities of the business. PMC negotiates on behalf of your company, not the cable companies. Each cable footprint is unique by city. Below are just a few of the decisions to be made using Dallas-Fort Worth as an example:

  • There are over 40 insertable networks in the Dallas-Fort Worth Footprint.
  • They all have 24 hours of programming.
  • There are over 22 zones in Dallas Fort Worth. You can run in Dallas North only, or the Interconnect which covers much like broadcast channels.
  • What schedule (networks, dayparts, reach and frequency) is best to meet your campaign goals?
  • Does your schedule exist of high reach and frequency across 40 networks on all insertable networks 6am-12midnight, or is it more efficient to have a high reach schedule on Tier One Networks during Prime Time only?
  • Do you have the time to track your commercials and make sure they ran as purchased?
  • If a commercial did not air, what can be negotiated on your behalf? Two for one ads? Airing your commercial during an NFL Football Game on ESPN for no charge?
  • What co-op do you have available? What are the logistics necessary for you to get full compensation?
  • The relationship between market zone penetration and the Interconnect are very different.
  • How do you manage the fragmentation between multiple system providers in one market? There is Time Warner Cable, Verizon FIOS, Grande, Charter, and Satellite Dishes in Dallas-Fort Worth just to name a few.
  • There is a complex inventory structure between national and local advertisers. For instance, CNN may not offer local adverting breaks during key viewing hours. This is critical to know when placing a schedule.